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This moment may feel overwhelming and scary. So many emotions flood your heart and you desperately search for someone to talk with, to support you, and help guide you.
Our support group is specifically designed to support, encourage and give resources to parents/guardians of children that have been sexually abused.

About Us

In a moment our family changed. Our child disclosed that he was being sexually abused by a neighbor. Life stopped. Our hearts stopped. Emotions flooded from anger, to hurt, to feeling numb. We went through the steps for "justice" which were long, painful and confusing. We had minimal guidance and no one to really talk to. Family and friends meant well, but they struggled to help. Years later, we are still reminded of the pain our child and our family go through. It is a struggle some days, and we felt that there must be parents like us, going through similar pain. We shared our story and found a counselor that was willing to help us. And so ... here we are!

You are NOT ALONE! We are here to support parents/guardians of children who have been sexually abused. We are a non-judgmental group open to helping each other during a challenging time.

We provide a safe space for support, resources and guidance.

If you are interested in joining our group, then please contact the facilitator. She will give you information on our screening process, where group is located, and when we meet.
Q & A's about our group is located in the "more" tab on our website.

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